Flourite sand

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Jan 26, 2020
So I rinsed well and added a new substrate so I can plant plants. Or of course is cloud but went down today, I imagine by tomorrow it should clear up. I did this because I had mystery snails die and the betta die that was in there. I still have a clown pleco, is he okay in the cloud? Also, will it do this for every single water change when the water is agitated? I really hope I don’t have to deal with it for water changing, everyone said it would settle but I haven’t heard about it when changing water. I assume it will settle?

Also, advice on betta sororities? I know I’ve heard they’re cruel and not natural but I buy my betta fish from betta USA, and he said that if the bettas were never ever separated that only works, is that true?
There are measures you can take to reduce the disturbance of the substrate when doing water changes. See post #2 for instance.


A lot of people place a plate on the substrate below where you are pouring the water back. Pouring water through a kitchen colander so the water sprinkles into the tank rather than pouring in a jet can work too.
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