Clowns spawning

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May 12, 2005
Piedmont, NC
Melissa saw this and called me over to the tank yesterday. The female clown was laying eggs in a hole next to the base of a anemone. The male then went over and fertilized them. It was very neat to watch. Just sharing.... I guess they will be fish food. :?
Congrats... definetly a little small ocean you got goin on there. lol If any survive you have to get pics of course :p In fact... You should take more pics anyway! :D
everytime i look at that guys tank it makes my 55g look so small lol :lol:
Wow hun I did not see that picture. Its beautiful!! Ya I could not understand it when I saw it.........That pic is great but, that anemone is huge....the picture does not show how big it really is.. 8O

Great job :D
Great pic, Brenden! BTW, are you mad at your dog? He/she is no longer your avatar...?
You should have seen the other pics on the camera you did not know about. 8O :lach: see you soon :wink:
meh... good voyuer animal action going on here ;)

( food is always a plus!)
((hope at least one sruvives just cause!!))
If you can take the rock out the eggs should hatch in about 7 days, if I'm not mistaken. The look of the egg will change dramatically and when *this* happens they will be ready to hatch. The fry would then need a constant diet of rotifers and phyto to get beyond that to a size that they could survive. If you can put a shell in her spot you might be able to convince her next batch on there instead. You should probably up her/their feeding a bit in these next couple of weeks as spawning takes a lot out of them and they need ample food to recover. If you're lucky (or skilled, lol) you might be able to work her into a regular pattern.
If you can take the rock out
8O Help :!: Can I just use my coral feeder and suck them out? :D

If you're lucky (or skilled, lol) you might be able to work her into a regular pattern.
Lets go with the first option :D I am still trying to get Melissa worked into a regular pattern. :lol:
Brenden said:
8O For clarification. I took him to the vet and they removed his manhood. :devilish:

LOL!!! Thanks for clearing that up! I didn't know whether to ask you what you meant, in case maybe you had to put two of his friends to sleep or something and it was a sad topic. Glad to hear that's not the case! Must be hard for a guy to do that to another guy, though... :wink:
I don't think sucking them out is a great idea. I think you'll damage them in the process. If you can't remove these take the time to figure out where to get live rotifer cultures and start a phyto culture. These two things will be key to the survival of the fry and they're not trivial. In the mean time up their feedings, even if you have to target feed them at the end of that feeder tube!
If you don't want to take the rock out before they hatch what you do is after they hatch (if they are any left) at night use a flashlight and the fries should swim toward the light. Take a ladle and scoop them into a separate tank with water from the main.
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