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Jan 17, 2007
Just got my MKII Perma seal from Rex Griggs as well as tubing and brass check valve. I have a question on the installation of the Perma seal on a Milwaukee MA957regulator.
The whole in the center of the brass washer does not fit over the regulators male end. The rubber o-ring in the brass washer does sit on top of the regulator lip. Is this the way the Perma Seal sits?
Second-The nylon washer that comes with the regulator is beveled-does anyone know which way this washer goes? The instructions dont mention a particular direction although one way it presses onto the regulator and the other way it doesnt. Not saying thats correct!
I know I only need one seal, Rex's or the nylon. i just need to know which way they install. Thanks
Sounds simple but to me it just doesnt seat correctly.
Rex Griggs was nice enough to give me a phone call last night and help me iron this thing out--its all good-hope to fire it up this weekend!
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