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Mar 13, 2006
I have a red sea co2 kit running . I have a 20 gal high . I have a bio wheel filter running and a SMALL airstone runnin though a decor . The airstone air is low ..

The ventri valve ( injector ) spits out bubbles every several seconds . Is that normal ?

I also have a red sea co2 indicator Which I have on the OTHER side of the tank . ive had it for about a week now . but so far its reading as negative for co2 its detecting .

Should I place the indicator beside the co2 injector ?

BTW : i ahev the injector on the same side as the bio wheel filter. Should I move the injetor to the other side of the tank so it disturbs less co2 ?
It is normal for the injector to spit out a bubble every few seconds. Keep an eye on that rate and when it starts to drop, either the injector is clogged (happens occasionally) or your CO2 mix needs to be replaced.

I don't know anything about the accuracy of those CO2 indicators.... and I'd be inclined to not believe them. However, if you are injecting CO2 both the biowheel and the airstone are getting rid of the CO2 as fast as you are injecting it. It would remove both, or at least only run the airstone at night. As far as removing the biowheel, your plants are giving you nearly all the biological filtration you need, provided the tank is at least moderately planted.
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