Collecting trip on Port Aransas jetties

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Sep 18, 2004
Corpus Christi, TX
I think I have just about decided to go on a collecting trip this weekend. Anyone got any suggestions as to unique/interesting stuff I could get? I will probably hit the Port Aransas south jetty and use up my air tank charge looking for a nice piece of LR and other stuff like urchins and crustacean specimens.
Anyone local to Corpus Christi wanna join me?
be sure you're aware of all local environmental laws and limits before doing so!
I am going on a collecting trip to the Keys this weekend. My goal is anemones and feather dusters this time, and some plants.
In Florida we are allowed 20 pieces a person with a saltwater fishing licence. Excluded are live rock and sand and hard corals.
I have a spot where I can snorkel right off shore in 3 to 5 feet of water.
Off course I might bump into a lobster or two.......
diverdown69 port aransas is my favorite place to go fishing, atleast to leave from to go fishing. my wife and I head down there from NE the last week in october every year and every year I want to move there. do you live in port aransas?
I actually live in Rockport and work in Corpus Christi. I lived in Port A for about a year when I first transferred down here in 1999. My place is on the south side of Copano Bay. I can see the Copano Bay Bridge from my front door. Let me know when you get down here and maybe we can wet a hook or two.
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