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Oct 6, 2021
Spring Valley, NY
Hi, I have an adult emperor angle I would like to get some snails, crabs and even starfish. Would it work or better to avoid?
What does the emperor angel eat currently?
Is it eating prepared foods or only live foods?

How long have you had it for?
Was it an adult when you got it?

As a general rule hermit crabs and bigger species of shrimp should be fine. Cleaner shrimp will be fine. Starfish shouldn't be an issue unless they are really small. Snails shouldn't be an issue unless they are bite size.

Make sure you have plenty of algae in the tank for the angel to eat.
If it's eating a variety of frozen and dry foods, then it should be fine with shrimp, snails and other invertebrates, with the exception of small inverts that might be seen as food. But if it's well fed, there is much less chance of it eating the other inhabitants.
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