Coral Shipment - Grounded by FedEx

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Feb 21, 2006
Brandywine, MD
I purchased the Beginner Coral package from Live Aquaria. The package consists of a Button Polyp, a Yellow Colony Polyp, a Hairy Mushroom and a Bullseye Mushroom Coral. The package was scheduled to be delivered today but due to some airplane issues with FedEx, my package is grounded in Memphis. It won't be delivered until Monday now 8O .

LiveAquaria said that I should still acclimate them and see if they are alive. Is there any chance that they will survive until Monday? Should I even bother trying to acclimate them or should I just return them for a refund?

Since these are my first corals, I don't know what to look for for signs of life. How will I be able to tell whether they are alive or dead? TIA for your help.
There is a chance they will be alive. IF the water is all brown and yucky, chances are it is a goner.
If they do not make it, liveaquaria will reship for you, free of charge.
As Hara has said there is a chance, but if not LA has a good reputation for their customer service.
Good. I'm glad that they have good customer service. Hopefully, everything will survive and I won't have to have anything replaced.

The corals finally arrived today. It looks like only the Button Polyp survived the transport. The water in the other 3 coral bags leaked out. I knew immediately that at least 1 bag was leaking because the box was soaking wet.

Anyway, I spoke to LiveAquaria's customer service and they said that they will replace the entire coral order. I should get the new shipment on Wednesday.
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