Corals won't open

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Nov 18, 2011
Summerville, Pennsylvania
So, my zoas and GSP have been closed for a week and I have no clue what is wrong. Parameters are fine, will test tomorrow to give them since I didn't make note of them this morning as was running late for work. Everything else appears to be doing fine in my tank, some of which like my duncan and moon brain aren't as hardy as these. i've raised and lowered the zoas and GSP in the tank, adjusted flow...I'm out of ideas.
I'm aware that the salinity is high and the ph is low. My hydrometer is stupid and gives me all kinds of mixed reads. Going to be buying a refractometer here soon to fix that. As for the ph, it's early so it'll be lower. This is an improvement from my ph morning readings being around 7.4. When I get home from work it'll read around 8.1-8.2.
Just an update, zoas and gsp still have not opened. I saw one head on the gsp the other day, but has not come out since. Even though it has good flow to it, it ended up getting algae covered. I gently brushed it away with a toothbrush and gave it more flow to get away from that issue.

The xenia I got in my order this week fell apart as soon as it came out of the bag, even with the PHs turned off. Been a hard week for my corals and my one mushroom appears to be struggling and turning white. It is as high up in my tank as it can be and my other moshroom leather is doing fine further down in the tank. I'm hoping it pulls through, it was a great looking leather.
I think I know what's wrong. You had a condy die in your tank. I've heard that's really bad. I think they release toxins when they die that can nuke your tank. As far as a video, I can't find a link, is it in your build thread?
That was a long time ago and there have been many water changes since. It was like 2 months ago. I highly doubt it was the condy, especially since I took him out of the tank to die to avoid that issue.

The link to the vid is in my build thread, yes. I just looked at it on my phone and you can see what is going on with my corals very well.
I've done more research. I believe that my mushroom leathers are fine. With that being said, the reasoning that my zoas aren't opening might be from the fact I have a good number of softies in my tank, 2 mushroom leathers, 2 kenya tree, ric, and a colt along with my lps moon brain, duncan, and zoas. It is highly possible that all of the softies have made the water too toxic for the zoas.
I had zoas that did not open for months. I did a fresh ro di dip two days in a row. The first day I didn't notice anything. The second day I noticed what looked to be like three small worms. A week passed from the dip and they are now all open.

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