Cory Cat Malfunctioning

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Im not sure if this is an un-healthy fish or a personality problem, but this fish is plain mean. I just got it a cory pal to school with and it didnt work. This makes 2 cory's that run from it and when it's done chasing them, it goes after the loaches. And when they hide, it goes for the tetra's. I had to put it back into solitary confinement for disrupting the tank.

The two remaining cory's are hanging around together digging in the sand not bothering any other fish. The loaches are doing loach like things as are the tetra's. But this is the second time I had to isolate this cory and I dont think I will be able to put it back.
Do you know what kind of cory it is? All mine are really peaceful, so I can't offer any help.

Also, what size tank and what other tankmates?

All info people might find useful.
It's plain greenish with black stripe sides, not spotted or albino. It's tank mates are blackskirt tetra's, redeye tetra's, clown loaches, dojo loaches and zebra danio's. They are in a 55 gal tank and the water tests are good. All fish are healthy and active.
My cories love to "taste" the pleco and loaches. Are you sure that isn't what it's doing? My cories are so peacful too...I can hardly imagine one being agressive.
I dont think it wants to taste them. This is cory's running from another cory, and then this cory turns it's attention to anything else in it's sight. I obseved this before I made a judgment because I had to isolate the same fish before because of a mis-diagnosis on a pale skinned clown loach problem I had(which I treated with medicine foolishly). I thought it was a body fungus but it was stress related to this catfish agression.

Could it be a parasite on it's brain or in it somehow? The other two cory's in the tank are very peacful and nothing like this one.
Wow - I guess anything is possible. Can you put it in one of those breeder traps inside the tank for awhile ? sometimes that helps with aggressive tetras, it might work with a cory also.
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