Cory Catfish eggs

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Dec 15, 2023
Hi, I'm new to this forum. I have a 10 gallon tank with 2 ghost shrimp and 1 single cory catfish. I know they are supposed to be in a school but the others have passed away. This one my son and I call Scaredy because he (or I guess she) is very skidish when she sees people. My original plan was to make him/her happy and comfy until her time came and retire the tank for a while. But my son (8 years old) said its depressing looking at an empty tank.

So I decided to put a betta fish in and get some more corys. My pet store was out of corys so we just got the betta fish for now. There is no aggression between the 2 fish. They seem to just do their own thing. All this time I thought Scaredy was a he but I guess she's a she. Tonight, I noticed eggs clumped together on the side of the tank. I looked it up and its cory eggs not shrimp. I was very confused as she's never done this before, not even when there were other corys in the tank. Does this mean she really likes her new betta friend?

Thank you for any and all advice.

Also, now I'm afraid to get more corys because there might be babies. Which would be cool if I was set up or had time to care for them but I don't.
No need to worry because if there was no male in the tank to fertilize the eggs, they won't hatch so there will be no babies.

If you are sure these are cory eggs, at least you know you have a female fish. (y)

With many species of fish, especially when they have become tank bred varieties vs wild, many female fish will lay eggs when "the mood" strikes them whether there is a male present or not. This is usually because situations in the tank simulate natural spawning conditions. In your case, the fish may not have been mature enough to have eggs when there were other cories in the tank. Now that you know, if you can get guaranteed males of her specie, that will increase your chances of getting baby cories later. (y)

Hope this helps (y)
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