Cory's and eating

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Oct 30, 2023
I put 2 skunk cory's in my new tank 2 weeks ago. They seem happy and swim together often, up and down the tank but only occasionally at the bottom.

I drop a couple of different types of sinking wafers for them but how do I know if they are eating them? I have seen them at the bottom looking for food sometime but I've never seen them eating the wafers which are small and they dissolve. So I don't know if they eat at all. Any suggestions?
You can also try to spot feed them by using a turkey baster and blow some thawed frozen or live food at them and you should see them eating it. If they don't, that could be a problem. If they do, that's a sign that they are feeding and probably going after the wafers in the dark. ( If that's the case, feed the wafers closer to lights out time. (y))
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