And then there were three...Sterbai cory trio

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Feb 25, 2024
There was a thread about corys recently, discussing the numbers of corys that would be happy and happier together. I gifted my dwarf gourami pair to my girlfriend and her husband, freeing up a bit of space in one of my tanks. So I picked up 2 Sterbai corys to keep my "big guy" happy, as he was alone.

He used to just sit at the bottom of the tank and hang out. Now he is so much mor active! The new kids are quite active riding the bubbler and it seems one of the new fish tends to stay quite close to the larger established cory.

Would love more but this is a 15 gallon Fluval that has a good number of members...

Does all of this sound healthy?


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The problem with the 15 gallon flex aquarium is that due to its cubic shape it doesnt maximise floor area and isnt really a great aquarium for corys. A more traditional 15 gallon (24" x 12" x 12") would be better as it gives 288 sq. inches of floor space as opposed to the Fluval flex (16" x 15" x 15") gives 240 sq. inches.

3 cories is better than 1. 6 would be better than 3. I wouldnt put more than what you have in the flex though.
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