CRUELLA is STUFFED with babies!

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Sep 7, 2011
North Las Vegas, NV
Mouth-Brooder-Fanatic said:
there are going to be a LOT of babies :D xx

I saved 44 the next morning after others had been munched ...
Don't know for sure how many there were...
Just know this time she's way bigger in half the time..
LyndaB said:
Unless she swallowed a golf ball, that's a mess o babies.....:ermm:

I believe I'm fresh out of golf balls... ;-)
Maybe she will be one of those prolific mollies you hear rumors about having 80 fry. Eyeroll!! LOL
She and Suki are only ones that have them regularly.... Charger only had 2 batches last 5 mths.
We'll see now cause I have 2 black mollies.
Oh.... And my only male died last night... The fight he had with Cruella was just too much on Dec 30th after being in QT so long. Even tho his fin was growing back his immune system was weakened... :-(
We'll see how many months these girls will go now...
Cruella's vent seems a bit open/dialated...

Funny thing... She was very quiet earlier so I looked in on her and she was laying very still in the water... Looked closer and one of her babies from last batch was resting on her back... Just laying there like a baby monkey. So cute!
Cruella doesn't bother her fry... :)
She's even bigger now.. Looks PAINFUL! She looked miserable so I put my hand in the tank and she perked up coming over to get a nibble on my fingers, raising her top fin up ... I told her I understood... :)
I moved Cruella back to main tank. She was stressed in the 10g and not moving much... Needed more swimming room and her usual space. She'll probably feel more comfortable giving birth in there... Will just keep an eye out for fry...
She's at Day 27 and looks like she's about to explode!
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