Cyanobacteria, Popeye, yellowing plants, Dead guppies, Dead Snail.

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Jul 15, 2010
0ppm Nitrite
0ppm Ammonia
5>ppm NitrAte
6.8-7.0 PH (down from 7.4, after a week of peat treatment.)

Zoo Med Aqua Sun T5
2x 24w fluorescents w/ one 5000k, one 6500k

Hygro Compacta
Amazon Sword
Java Fern
Dwarf Baby tears

5 (now 1) Fancy Guppy
1 Blue Dwarf Gourami
2 Siamese Flying Fox Algae eaters
2 Panda Cory Cats
3 (now 2) Zebra Snails
∞ little snail infestation

Two weeks ago our 10g had cracks in the glass. We did an emergency tank shift to a 28g Bow front. The fish went into VERY thoroughly rinsed tupperware with water siphoned from the 10g, we added 2 bags of Eco-complete plant substrate and put the substrate from our first tank on top in the new setup. We moved all of our plants (live) into the new substrate.

Before this move, our guppies started slowly dying one by one since January, one every few weeks without warning. There has never been a NitrAte or NitrIte spike since we first cycled. We also had a patch of cyanobacteria.

Now we are down to 1 guppy. The rest have died, this one looks to have dropsies and finrot. Our Gourami has severe, bleeding, popeye. This morning I found one of our snails dead. I am at a loss to solve all of these problems. My Anubias has started to yellow on some of the leaves, and the dwarf baby tears has started to as well (they and the Anacharis are only a week old for this tank).The rest of the plants seem to be thriving, though I have had suspicions of some kind of bizarre crossing with the crypto and the compacta...

If anyone has insight let me know. I've been treating the Popeye since last Tuesday with Antibacterial fish food. Thats the only thing I've done to resolve anything. I wanted to dose the tank with maracyn to kill the CBA and the popeye but my LFS said that my plants wouldn't faire well, so I went the food route.

Thats the jist of it. Thoughts appreciated.
Ok, you should change the water once a week at least. I do 50% pwc's on my tank every week.
Just a thought, is there any chance chemicals got into the water, like cleaners or air fresheners?
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