Dear god how long can ich last? Finally with pics!!

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I would be tempted to take the nessisary percautions (extra O2) to take the temperature up to 90 or just above since its lasted this long (the correct temperature should reveal itself within 4 days of treatment because the visible sighs will be gone.)
after that.. I would treat it as SW ich 8O 8O 8O
lets hope it doesnt get that far :( :( :(
Ok aside for a 4' long air wand, how do I increase 02? I have 3 cannister units on the tank, no HOB. And do I want to know what SW ich is? Btw the clowns are the only one with the spots and they act perfectly normal.
Also GM, how will the cichlids and the cuckoo cats fair temps over 90? I have a QT tank that I am using for the gourami, but can probably switch her back to her regular tank if necessary to treat the clowns. Although I'd prefer to leave the gourami where she is, she is recovering from dropsy.
I'm now tempted to look into what meds can the clowns tolerate. I don't like keeping the temp up this high for this long. They act perfectly normal but have salt like specks still on them. What can I say, it looks like ich, they don't flash, they eat like pigs, they swim around, the dig, the nose into things, they synchronize swim together LOL. If it wasn't for the specks you would think nothing was wrong.
Does anyone know what meds can be used with them? I am really concerned about having the heat up for as long as it has been with the other fish in the tank.
are any other fish looking like they are affected? if not I would QT the effected fish and use the normal course of action on the uneffected fish..

you can bring the output (spraybars or jets) of the canisters above the water line to increase O2..

btw.. no.. you dont want to know what SW ich can do.. :(
I'm not totally sure at this point that it is ich. It's been 7 weeks by my count and if no other fish are affected, it's not holding any of the properties that I know of.

There are other skin disorders that can appear to emulate ich. Try looking here (beginning at the top):

I'm hoping that this thing can be licked.
OK finally got pics. Can't thank you guys enough for helping me out with this. I have only gotten one pic but it is clear as can be.

could it possibly be Oodinium?
The same medications for Ich seem to treat it and it seems to be the most likely of the other skin disorders from the looks of it.
check out the chart that JC linked.. :)
I'd have to agree GM. Now the biggest question I have is what meds to treat clown loaches with? I am QT'ing them tonight.
Of course with raised temps still as they have had raised temps for a while. Thanks guys!!!!!!
So am I JC, I am grateful that the little guys finally stood still long enough for me to get a picture. Thank you both so much for the help and support through this time!
Well the clowns are in a QT tank and they are most UNHAPPY about it LOL. That's ok, it's all for their own good. Now crossing my fingers I get this cured.
I would be tempted to ross in some salt and crank the temps up to 90ºF....I have done ir in the past for tough ich problems, and it works a treat, but you need to aerate the neck out of the tank....and leave it at 90 for a good 2-3 weeks.
Zagz, I'ved used Quick Cure before for Ich treatment on my Loaches. I would prefer to raise the heat but I was about to go on vacation and my loaches came down with Ich about 2 weeks before I was to go. I used Quick Cure and kept the heat above 86 and it was gone in about a week. Quick Cure claims to cure the tank in about 2 days I did not see that quick of a result but it did work and I did not have any loose any fish during or after the treatment. HTH Good luck with your fish.;category_id=3423
Thanks everyone for your support. Without it I would not have made it through this all. I love these little loaches like they are my kids. I get too easily attached. :oops:

Toirtis, what dosage of salt would be safe for the loaches? The heat has been up at 88 for almost 7 weeks. Now they are in QT, temp is 88 and treating with 1/2 dose of Maracide for velvet. Can't find anything else in this dang city. :evil:
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