decent light 36gal bowfront

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Jan 6, 2014
Central Florida
Not looking to go crazy just figured a few small live plants might be preferable to the plastics. I have a small java fern mixed in with the plastic ones and I like the look.

I have an aqueon 36 gal bowfront with the stock light which is a 24inch t8 17w bulb.

What would be a good option for enough light to handle a few java ferns and other low light plants without costing a lot(wife is out of work).
36 bf

depends on what alot is:
i would say get the glass top ($60) and sit 2 aqeuon t5's right on it . one 30" and one 24" (bout 60 or so each). they will fit right on the back piece of glass (30 in the front). Pick for flourish liquid plant food and a bottle of liquid co2. That and maybe a packet of plant fert tabs.
will run ya a few bucks, but looks sleek as (ya know) and does the job for low light plants.
Are you using the stock hood or are you replacing it with a glass versa-top?

Also, what's your budget? Everyone's definition of 'costing a lot' is different. I'm a little biased towards LEDs.
I have the stock top on it and haven't really done anything custom to that. I have heard a lot about the LED lighting and Marineland makes a 24-36 inch double bright for $75 ish. I am not sure if that is better or worse than what I have though as I am a n00b. I can't spend much more then 50-75 until my wife is reemployed.

I am fine with a few low light plants, getting into the realm of needing CO2 etc is further than I want to go.
If so, a Finnex LED fixture would fit right on the glass. They produce little heat so it wouldn't hurt the glass panel.

It's a 24"... They do make them in 30". But as you can see, it's slim enough and fits right over the glass perfectly.

The one I have pictured is the Ray 2 model. It's higher light. If you want a lower light level, I recommend the Fugeray or the Fugeray Planted+... I'd prefer the latter because of the red supplemental lighting. Finnex FugeRay Planted+ Aquarium LED Light Plus Moonlights, 30-Inch: Pet Supplies

Edit: although the finnex is a little over your budget, I think it's worth waiting if you have to to save enough for it. It's worth it IMO.

You can skim through this thread of various Finnex owners and see how it looks on their tanks. The Planted+ version is the newest model. The added red adds warmth, benefits plant growth, and makes fish more vibrant in color. Plus there's moonlight blues in it, too.
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I personally buy fixtures that extend the entire length of the tank. So I wouldn't know from experience. But I'm pretty sure it would be fine but you might be a little dim on the ends of the tank. However, the LEDs do have a bit of a wide angle spread to them... "should' be okay. You can post that question in that TPT thread and see if someone else has used a shorter Finnex fixture and see how they like it?
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