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Dec 28, 2005
sydney Australia
Got some discus the other day, cut a long storey short one has paired with an existing discus and spawned on a filter tube! HOORAY!

I have removed the tube due to the large population in the community tank. Placed the tube in a 2ft half filled with the original tank water. Combined with a airstone and heater. currently its wraped in a blanket to keep temp constant. We had no methylene blue so rushed out to buy some, none ANYWHERE! So we added MELAFIX.

Woke this morning to find 10-20 fry on the tube.

1ST question how long will the feed from the egg sack?
2ND question what do you feed them? going out thismorning to get LIQUID FRY FOOD
3RD question. now do i do PWC using the community tank water that is conditioned? or fresh tap water thats been dechorinated with stress coat.?

Any help at all would be a great help. sorry i dont have pics. still havent replaced camera. may have to get on today on my travels.
Discus fry actually feed off the adults after absorbing the yolk sac, the parents excrete something on the surface of their bodies for the fry. They can be raised on other food, but growth is slower.
Beyond that, I don't know, never kept discus myself. Do a google search for more info.
I was afraid that if i moved the adults they would eat the eggs. i would have like to left the parents raise the fry, as i dont like to intervene. Somtines you have to.

I have heard that if you slightly heat a piece of glass and dip it into egg yolk it will stick to the glass. The fry will then eat off the yolk.
I will pm BrianNY for you, he should be able to help. I have juvy discus but no info on spawning and raising fry.
I've heard of successes raising fry without a parent. This is something I've no experience with. IMO, it's best to give the discus a few tries at raising their spawn. Much of what occurs has to do with the size of the hatch. Eventually, as more eggs are laid and become fertilized, the parents will care for them properly.
I wish you the best of luck in this. I agree with BrianNY to just allow the parents to do what they will at first. They will lay others! I'm assuming the tank is planted so perhaps the fry may find refuse and survive long enough for you to remove them
Sorry but i dont think anyone read the message.... I would love to let them do it, BUT! they were in a community tank... plecos, ghost knife, not to mention 6 other adult discus. i had to remove the eggs from the tank and place into a smaller QT.

UPDATE. Stiill have 15-20 fry on tube alive :) . been manually feeding using a pipette and liqid fry food... doing 1/4 water changes using parent tank water everyday.

Wishing you the very best of luck trotty. There is no need to feed them until they become free swimming. That's when they will begin to seek there parents for food. It takes about 48 hours for them to consume their yold sacs and get to that stage.

How large a tank are they in? You're correct about them feeding off a peice of glass. Just use a hard boiled yolk and make a paste. HTH
I've still got 15 fry (could be more swimming around.). started feeding them yesterday and continued 3 times again today. did a 1/4 water change, they have all left the egg sack and free swimming. SOOOOO COOOOL!!!

At the moment they are scattered throughout the tank, its a 2ft or 60liter tank thats half full and has 1 bubble filter in it.

Ther are about 3mm long and still transparent with a little pink dot for a belly. The tails are really long. All seem to be fine at the moment.

Thanks for all your suggestions and help. Every thing thats been said i have already found out but always good to hear it again. THANKS.
I'm very curious about your prepared feeding trotty. Would you give me some detail? I might like to try this in the near future.
Thank you all. Unfortunately i'm down to 2 fry now. Both myself and missus have been workin long hours and they missed quite a few feeds.

i'll be settin up another tank for the parents and they can do it next time.

thanks again.:)
You gave it your best shot and learned from it. The odds are really stacked against you in this endeavor. Spawning discus is pretty simple. Getting any fry to a decent size is the tough part.
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