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Andy Sager

Aquarium Advice Addict
Jul 2, 2011
Lake Wales, Florida
HELP!! I HAVE A DISEASE!!!!!! :eek: :uhoh:
Good, now that I have your attention, EVERYONE at one time or another will have a fish with a disease. It's practically unavoidable. The question is: Where can I find help when the stores are all closed, your internet is down, your favorite "disease person" is not online for days or what medicine do you use? For years, since 1989 actually, I have been promoting the book Handbook of Fish Diseases by Dieter Untergasser because it has one of the best diagnosing charts I've ever seen in the hobby for the average hobbyist. It uses a very easy format of "If this then do that" in steps. The book is available from a number of places but not everybody wants to buy from Amazon or has an Ebay account or has the time to do internet searches finding it ( which is just being lazy IMO because you literally can find it in seconds). During one of these searches I found a free download of the original book ( a 2nd edition was released in the early 1990s) with the pictures and diagnosing charts. EVERYBODY should have this on hand. Here's the link to the download: https://pdfcoffee.com/handbook-of-fish-diseases-smaller-sizepdf-pdf-free.html Be aware that since this is an older book, some of the medications it recommends may no longer be available or are available under different brand names but once you get the proper diagnoses, you can then find out the available meds for that disease.
So let's start saving some fish. (y)
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