Guppy skinny disease

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Mar 17, 2022
So I think a guy just sold me infected guppies. A few of them were separated from his main tanks and had them in his backyard. I started noticing them getting skinnier amd they weren't really big to begin with even tho they were female and now slowly dying off. I'd be fine if the guppies had a weak strain but now he just infected my whole tank.
So I'm wondering if filling half the tank a couple times with boiling water will kill all the parasites? Or is it fine with a certain temp or do I have to fill the whole tank? Only stuff I have there are plastic plants, soil substrate and lava rocks.
How do you know the whole tank is infected? Are fish that where healthy before you added these guppies now dying?
Only the fish that I bought from that guy. Now there's only 1 of them left. My other fish seem ok. There's a couple guppies, a pair of minnows, a balloon molly, some nerites and apple snails and a cory. I've got a lot of guppy fry that I'll be adding into that tank as soon as they get bigger that's why I wanna make sure. Also should I assume that the minnows and cory could be infected now? I was planning on transferring them to a different tank but now I'm worried they might infect my other tanks. I've transferred them all to a temporary quarantine tank for now while I'm planning on how to treat their tank. I might be able to find some Fenbendazole tomorrow and try to treat the last remaining sick guppy.
Depends what the infection actually is. They can certainly carry parasites, especially if they have been transferred from an outside pond into an aquariun.
They carry the skinny disease from the infected guppies? Cause so far those guppies are the only ones that got sick.
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