DIY skimmer success!

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Aug 2, 2011
Princeton, NJ
Finally finished!!!! It's awesome. Hope it works well! Post pics of your DIY skimmers!!!
EDIT: I don't know why the pic uploaded twice.....


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I bought a reef octo like 2 months ago but it's SOOOO loud I figured I'd make one! It was fun!
I'd love to see the make up of it. I'm looking to get a skimmer rated up to 600 gallons and rather than spend $$$ I would like to build it and save the money. Lol
Heres goes. This is gonna be fun haha.
Parts list:
2" PVC union
1' 4" PVC
8" 2" PVC
4" to 2" coupling
5x 1/2" elbows
1/2" PVC
2x 1/2" ball valves
1/2" female adapter (with mag drive 7)
1/2" male adapter (with mag drive 7)
Misc container for collection cup
Airline tubing
Limewood airstone
Air pump
GE silicone 1
PVC cement
PVC primer
pill bottle
drill (and the correct things for drilling the holes)

What I did: I should have drilled the holes first but didnt which was stupid. Do this!!!!!!!
I used the male adapter to connect to the input of the pump so I could make a DIY venturi system and made a DIY air muffler with the pill bottle. I used the female adapter to connect to the mag 7 and then an elbow and a ball valve. Then once inside the skimmer i put an elbow on the line so it would spash against the bottom and create smaller/more bubbles. I then mad the return with 1/2" PVC and put the pipe where I wanted the MIN water level to be. I attached a ball valve to this so I could adjust the level in the skimmer. I also put an elbow facing upwards on the output of the skimmer so some microbubbles would pop/float back to the surface immediately. I then drilled a 1/4" hole for the airline tubing and put the limewood airstone on for more foam. Obviously I attached the air pump to this. I sealed all the holes I drilled with silicone BTW. Then I siliconed the piece of acrylic to the bottom for a base of the skimmer. Then I decided to make the neck of the skimmer and attach it later. I got the 8" piece of 2" PVC and cur it in half so I had 2 4" lengths. I put a union in between so I could remove the collection cup. Then I put my misc collection cup on it by drilling a hole for the neck in the bottom and siliconing it on. I drilled a 1/4" hole on the side of the collection cup for airline tubing so I can collect the skimmate in some other container. I then attacehd this to the other part of the skimmer and it was done. Any questions are welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh and I also made the air muffler out of the pill bottle of I didn't say that haha. Here are some pics. And just as a side note, I made this design up. It wasn't from instruction.


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Let's see it in action, I may be interested in building something like that if it works,

I wonder if the PVC will let the bubbles climb up as good as acrylic or not?

What type of skimmer is it? Like downdraft or Venturi ?
Well, it's working like a boss!!! The venturi didn't really do much for bubbles but I already had a limewood airstone in there and it foams amazingly. I already have yellow crap water in the collection cup!
Great results.


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