Do you know Sump / Refugium plumbing.

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Feb 6, 2008
I have an issue where I bought a uniquarium aquarium . It has a built in sump/filter on the back of the aquarium and no bulkheads were drilled. My tank is already established and its doing fine but I really wanted to upgrade my skimmer and I want to add a calcium reactor and a refugium. Curently I have a seaclone hang on skimmer (which is a joke) butlike I said I want to plumb it somehow. Now I've heard the overflow box idea and it will not work because the attached sump water level rises until the entire aquarium levels out. Can I plumb using a u tube? please help!
You should be able to use an overflow box, the hang on back skimmer will take water out of the main tank, but once it's full, extra water from a sump return will overflow through the box.

Basically you just have to add water to, and overflow from, the highest water level in the system. And have enough space in the sump to hold the back flow in case of a power outage.
im back to square none, an overflow wont work. I just thought someone in here would help me out eventually.
Well, too bad we didn't meet your expectations. Guess you'll be logging off of this one and returning to some of those other sites, huh? Didja ever think that no one here has any experience with a uniquarium. I think it's a testament to the friendliness here that some even tried to help.

Or is that what you do? Look for opportunities to insult.
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im back to square none, an overflow wont work. I just thought someone in here would help me out eventually.
Definately not a friendly approach to getting some help thats for sure.
What is a uniquarium exactly and why won't the overflow work an overflow just needs about 6" inside the tank to overflow the water if you don't have 6" of space you probably don't need to have an overflow anyway.
I took a minute to look up the uniquarium tank. It's simply an in tank overflow system with a filter in the overflow. You should be able to just run a siphon down into the existing overflow and run that down to a sump.

If anything, the built in box can probably be removed to make room for a simpler over flow box. Everything that's in it can be replaced by a decent wet dry filter, which would increase the total water volume as well.

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