Does anyone know?

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Sep 19, 2002
Albuquerque New Mexico

Anything about Ghost shrimp, or of a site about them?
I've got several in my tank, one is nearly an inch and a half long and two others are not much smaller.

How big do they grow?

Aldo this morning when I checked my tank, the larger shrimp was eating one of my Rosies, which was alive and well last night.
The Rosie wasn't much larger than the shrimp, and I wonder; did the Rosie die and the shrimp just got a surprise feast?

Or did the shrimp somehow attack the Rosie? :cry:
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry I don't know much about Ghost Shrimp but I went on Goggle on the top of the home page and found alot of information on them. Check it out.
It should answer most if not all your questions

here are a few links off google

And the google search page with many more results on it

I would ask that if a member uses google or any other search site to find results that they please include the url for the search results in the post so that the member looking for help can find the same resources that you found.
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