Does colour changing LED lights put fish in stress?

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Apr 2, 2017
I have a 100 l aquarium with colour changing LED. I saw sudden restlessness in behaviour when i turned on the sequential colour changing LED. Thought came to my mind if its putting my fishes into stress. Any one experienced the same?IMG_1731.jpgIMG_1732.jpg
Yes certainly they do especially the RGB when it changes the tones the fish can feel it and will definitely put them in stress. I suggest to keep it white. So they don't lose their color of being stressed and eventually die.
Ok....that doesnt help me lol

But if it a led fixture with a 24/7 mode or one that lets you customize the spectrum it is fine.

Sure if you sit there and constantly fiddle with it you could aggravate a fish.

Most fish get used to our fixtures over time.
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