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Alright after a little "window shopping" online I am dead set on apistogramma viejita "red neck". Would these be ok in my ph of 7.8? I am gonna be adding some leaf litter to try and lower it and also maybe so DW.
It's not so much the ph it's your Tds. typically high ph has high Tds and that's your problem. That's a bit high for veijta. Getting a captive breed is your best bet though.
I'm starting to second guess myself is this a female?


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Females can become very aggressive, I always find it funny when people say don't but two males together. Females can be just as nasty if not worse
Watch carefully, someone had a female go nuts and kill EVERYTHING in their tank.

That'd be some crazy behavior. I have had her for almost a year this is the craziest she's every been. But she went from a 40-10 gallon tank so that may also be a factor. And now it's just rams and a couple neons
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