Dwarf puffer plan & betta

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Feb 27, 2011
Ok. I have been thinking about this for a bit... I am getting a ten-gallon tank that comes with a hood/light, a filter, and a few other things. I will have to look again... the tank cost $30.00 but it does not include a heater, I’ll buy that separately. I'm gonna get FAKE plants, as real plants need alot of light. I will feed my puffers Frozen bloodworms (try as some don’t like frozen) and Snails. What kind should I feed them? I’m planning to get two dwarf puffers. I will have sand not gravel since the puffers sometimes are sucked into the gravel cleaners. I will buy the kit for cycling my tank.

Now the Betta...
I have a betta named Mr. Beans. He is in a bowl. By himself. I was going to get him a ten gallon too. But I have a few questions on this... Do I need to cycle this tank? Or use a filter? It will only be him in this tank. I might get him a frog at petsmart will I need to cycle + filter for this guy?
For the puffer: avoid freeze-dried food. Regular old frozen is fine though.
What "kit" are you talking about for cycling? Like a test kit, for checking parameters?

YES you need to cycle and yes you need a filter for the betta. Also, he should have a heater as well.
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