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Mar 18, 2012
I have a 20 gallon tank with a couple snails, crab and a goby. What kind of corals can I add that are easy to care for.
Try some soft stuff first, mushrooms, Xenia, cladiella or Sinularia for instance and take it from there.
What kind of lights and flow do you have in your tank? Things like kenya tree, blue cloves, green star polyps, waving hand and xenia can take over a tank quickly so if you get any of those as starter corals make sure you love them and don't plan to get rid of them.
The lighting is a bunch of white led lights with a few blue ones for day/night mode. It's part of the hood. I plan to upgrade that but it's worked fine so far.

I'll attach pic of the power head. It's been a while and don't remember the exact model.

the powerhead is a koralia(looks to be a nano model). you're not going to be keeping much of anything coral wise in that tank. maybe some mushrooms.
What product would you recommend? I don't mind investing, but I just need advice on what I should be doing.

Is the powerhead enough?

Do I need a skimmer?
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