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steve r

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Oct 9, 2004
kenosha wisconsin
does egg crate diffuse light? i just got a new wrasse. he is in a coverd QT right not but the back of my main is open. i am deciding if i want to seal the back of the canopy with egg crate or place it over the tank

steve r
I never noticed it diffusing light but I only use it on my sump. Haven't seen it under halides.
What do you need it for. I dont see any jumpers in your signature. I believe the light would be diffused a little from all the lines in the eggcrate . Just IMO
Just a thought. Wouldn't those lights of yours melt the egg crate?

Depending on the clearance of course. Even if it's on the back side of the canopy I think the heat is going to be pretty darn hot that close to the lights.
melosu58, i just got a new wrasse. he is in QT right now. that info is in the original post.

dscount, my clearence is currently about 12" i am going to lower it a couple of inches, but i can hold my hand about 3 inches from the MH for eternity and not feel like it is too warm. i would assume that is not too warm to melt plastic.

steve r
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