Eheim 2260 O-ring Source??

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May 22, 2023
Have an original Eheim 2260 that has never failed in 20-years. Did a cleaning this weekend and have a slow leak past the O-ring that seals the motor's impeller chamber (quarter turn lock on end of motor housing).

Have cleaned O-ring and groove again, used vaseline, but can't get a seal.

Spent 2-hrs last night and 4-hrs today searching for sources for replacement O-ring. Several sources have the big one for seal between the bucket and the lid, and the one for the L-shaped tubing coming from lid into the motor, but NOBODY has the one that goes on the Impeller chamber... I think it is Part # 7277350.

Can someone steer me to a source for this part? Would really appreciate it.
Have been to KensFish/McMasters-Carr/Hartmann-Pumpen(can't find an english way into the parts section)/ Aquariumkingdom/Amazon/and e-bay.

Maybe I'm asking the wrong questions, but so far zip.

Thanks for any help you can offer!
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Hi Smitty and welcome to the forum :)

Which country are you in?

You could try to contact Eheim via their website and get the o-ring direct. Alternatively find a company locally that sells o-rings and buy one from there.

The o-ring on the impellor cover holds the impellor steady. Sometimes a rubber band can be used in its place as a temporary fix. Other people make a new one out of silicon but let it dry before using it so you don't glue the cover to the motor housing.
I'm not familiar with that exact part but I know I've gotten O-rings from pool supply places so you can check there or if you have a Home Depot or Lowe's where you are at, they carry smaller O-rings in their plumbing department. When all else fails, contact Eheim directly. (y)
Is the Eheim 2260 from the same series/generation of filters? I'm researching a replacement for a Rena XP3 and see this filter mentioned: availability of parts could be a concern.
Good luck finding the o-rings!
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