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Jun 4, 2022
Have had aquariums since I was 8 years old, now near to 62. Dad introduced me to this when he had a 100 Gal tank in the house.
Have had 20 Gal tank most of my life but 4 years ago upgraded to 55 Gal tank.

Filtration: Added a SunSun Canister about 4 years ago and had an emperor 350 hob for many years.

RE: Sunsun canister love it and have had no problems with it. Quiet and reliable. Clean it every few weeks. Remember to apply vaseline to o-ring seal to prevent leaks each time it is serviced.

Always had artificial plants because my large pleco, 12 years old and about 24 inches, died when power went out for a week and I lost heating and filtration. Tried live plants when he was alive but it would uproot everything or eat it if possible.

Just started trying live plants and want to do other decorations including some DIY projects. Want to try to make a styro and cement sandfall in the tank. Have some questions about mounting into an existing tank without harming my fish in any way. Already know about the issue of ph problems from cement so will cycle completed unit in separate container until stable ph is seen.

Fish in my tank include a Pink Gourami that is about 12 years old and 6 inches in length , a few tetra barbs, a few blue gouramis, and a cory cat.

Moved the 20 Gal to my business office where I have it setup with another Emperor 350 hob and minimal number of fish. Mostly artificial decorations to keep it simple maintenance in my office environment.
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