Emerald crab killing goby

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Brandonjkoontz1 said:
Was he the last fish you put in the tank? Sometimes that makes them less agressive with the territorial issue. Although iv heard putting them in early puts them under a lot of stress because their constantly fretting about the other fish taking its spot in the tank. Which makes a higher risk of him snapping and going bezerk.

Yeah he was the last fish put in, however the crab and starfish were the last added. Even tho his tail is orange he's still considered a yellowtail ? He is a pretty cool fish, he has no fear of me and is fun to feed at feeding time lol. However he is very very aggressive towards my poor dottyback . The poor thing can barely come out of his rock. The clowns and jawfish he doesn't mess with, just the dottyback really and he never would attempt to go and mess with the goby.
This is a better pic from liveaquarias site. I didn't get him from there, but this is more like what he looks like. So I'm figuring now that he is a blue damsel , aka orange tail damsel. I guess they go by 2 names???

No he probably is a blue damsel. There's a lot of damsels that are blue and yellow with just small diffrences. For example a lot of ppl confuse the azure damsel the yellow tail damsel and the blue devil all for being the same. But as with all damsels they should be closely watched. I'm sure you'll have no problem with him if hes been alright for you so far. =) just remeber the possibilty of him going nuts is sadly always there.
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