Emperor on Nano-reef?

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Jan 2, 2004
Erie, CO
Emperor 280 with media basket, filter pad and biowheel removed. Destined for a 10G "nano" marine tank.

If I am planning to keep live rock, a few soft corals, invertebrates and maybe one small fish would the 280GPH flow rate be too much combined with a small powerhead (such as the 106gph Maxijet)?

If I were to put live rock "rubble" in the emperor, should I turn the flow all the way down to the minimum? I was thinking this would be a good place to have a feed from an "auto top off" system as well (often on short business trips).

This is an old Emperor I have sitting around that was on a fresh water planted tank up until I switched to a canister filter for that tank about 2 (2.5?) years ago.
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