Encourage Coralline Algae How to

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Oct 30, 2004
I have been trying to read as much as possible but I just can't help it, I have to ask, what is the best way to encourage or speed up the growth of Coralline Algae :D
I am currently running a 65 Watt Actinic Compact Flourescent 24/7
Planning on running it for 2 weeks straight then I will introduce the 10,000K before adopting an Actinic on first and off last schedule.
Many thanks
Some people report luck with calcium additon, others do not. I noticed a very slight increase when I added some.
If you scrub it with a toothbrush in a high flow area it will spread faster.


That and scrape the little spots off the walls of the tank, it will spread and make more. :mrgreen:
why are you running you lights 24/7, I don't see this doing anyting but running your electric bill up. Unless you have read someone having luck doing this.
It will spread over time..... how old is your tank..... Do you have any at all now?
I use B-ionic 2 part system and my tank is covered with coralline... You need to balance your Calcium and alkalinity levels...... I run 400-450- cal and 9.5-11 on the alk.
What kind of filtration are you using? I have a canister loaded with carbon and I think it is pulling some of the nutrients out of the water.

I started adding a bit of calcium and I have noticed new growth. I need a calcium and alkalinity test to do it right though.

seaham358, can you recommend a good test for us?
Rumor has it that running the antics day and night help coraline algae to grow at a faster rate, I have tried this and found that I, IMHE, could see littel to no change in the growth rate. Now that being said, my pepermint shrimp seemed to mate more :twisted: . Too bad I can't find a way to keep them alive. :roll:
Thanks for all the input :D
I'll purchase a test kit and go from there and I'll also start srubbing and scraping! I'm going to try and stick with LR and the protein skimmer for filtration as well as lots of motion, powerheads breaking surface etc
Just getting back into the salt. Many many changes since my last setup 8O
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