Engineer Goby Tunneling and Sand Shifters

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Feb 21, 2018
Hey everyone! I have an engineer goby/convict blenny and it has tunneled in the sand under my tank. We have a really bad sand algae problem like this brown algae over our sand bed, and my teacher recommended getting a sand shifter creature, but I'm worried the tunnels would collapse on my fish. Any advice/personal experience? Would the tunnels even collapse/would the fish die if the tunnels collapse, or would he/she be able to dig out? Thanks!
Adding an additional creature to the system isn't going to solve the cyanobacteria issue you are describing.
Cyanobacteria thrives in low flow areas and feeds off of excess nutrients in the water column. Water changes with ro/di water will then address the nutrients in the water column.
As for the engineer goby's tunnels, they can break things down. The only issue could be seen would be if the rocks were placed on top of the sandbed to where it would fall down.
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