Eye Problem

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Hard to tell.

Is the eye bulging out? I am guessing the color of the eye is due to a flash being used.

Does it look like something is pushing on the eye?
The color of the eye is actually what you see. Kind of an off-white. Yes, it is bulging way out. Looks horrible. On close inspection, it looks as if some stringy stuff is peeling off the bulge. Makes you want to take tweezers and clean off.

Oh yes, the eye is totally covered over with this stuff.
Im no desease expert and I would venture to guess I only know a little more than you do at this time but I would venture to guess its some form of popeye or glass eye desease. Kevin would know more about this and i hope he posts soon. But in the mean time check out this link http://www.aquariumadvice.com/viewtopic.php?t=7&highlight=popeye

Look for the highlighted word popeye. I would get that clown and the green chromis out of the main tank as it seems like there is an awful lot of bad things going on in there to the fishies. If you got a 10 gal tank you can get them in do so. But one thing i fear is thta the clown will domoniate the chromis.
The fis is likely to be blind in that eye from now on, but the most common causes for popeye are:
  • bacterial infection
  • heavy metal poisoning (ie...copper)
  • gas embolism

So if it were my clown, I would check the copper level in the tank and any metals in the make up water (if tap water is used, should be able to get an analysis from the city), and treat with penicillin. It is most likely bacterial, the white film peeling off is indicitive of a bacterial infection. Make sure they use penicillin, it is the antibiotic of choice for eyes. Also make sure they monitor ammonia and nitrite readings during treatment, any antibiotic has the ability to crash the biofilter....
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