Fairy Wrasse Hiding

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Nov 15, 2004
Hi, I have had this really great looking fairy wrasse for about a week now and it spends all of its time, day and night, hiding under a rock in the back of the tank with just her head sticking out. Has anyone else had this problem. I thought they were social fish according to all my research. Any ideas? She only comes out to eat and then right back to her hidy spot.? :cry:
Fairy wrasses do not typically do well solo. They are best kept in "harems" with one male and several females. That and added to it you have a pseudochromis which is not a good mix at all. Pseudo's will terrorize most wrasses large or small. What species is the pseudo?

If the wrasse does not show signs of coming around soon, it should be returned. FWIW, your tank is quite well stocked before it's addition. :wink:

the wrasse is a coward. Mine did the same except it didnt eat, and thus the cause of his unfortunate death. At least yours is consuming food!
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