Fairy wrasse with green wrasse

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Feb 21, 2014
After backing off on adding a foxface in current tank, i was thinking of a fairy wrasse. I was wondering if it should go along fine with my green wrasse?
I wouldn't. Your tank is stocked and the wrasses would most likely fight.
Fairy wrasses do to an extent but most wrasses are highly territorial.
Your tank is already stocked and a little short for a fairy wrasse. I wouldn't do it

+1. Aren't you already having algae problems? You already have excess nutrients in your system, you really should stop adding to the tank.
Isn't a green wrasse supposed to be kept in 75 gallon tank? Not to be the fish police but I would think over time it'll out grow your tank , I think they can get to 8"in size.

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Went to the lfs to browse the stuff and i saw this fairy wrasse lieing at the bottom having trouble to breath and when i told them, they told me its normal... The fish than started to swim with his dorsal spine really not looking good and had a weak fine. I guess its a sign to wait a lil to get an other fish. And when i do i wont buy fish from there anymore... Saw a green wrasse like mine that had lost all his colours it had turn to almost all white...
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