Feather duster worms

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Jan 28, 2012
I guys I recently bought a feather duster worm a large Hawaiian one..I have another one that I have had a few months which I have place standing upright..the new one is also standing upright but it is much bigger around 5 inch diameter..my problem is that the new one is rocking up and down about 5ml up and down with the current...he is on the crushed coral between 2 bits of live rock ..we he eventually anchor to it or should I lay him down...he spends most of the day out and retract alot looks healthy I'm just worried he will leave his tube .?? Any help will be greatly appreciated
EriksFish315 said:
I just at mine on the sand bed and he attached to the closest rock a couple days later.

Do u know if it is okay if some of the crown is touching the sand ?
When bought mine from the reef store it was and they said just layit on the sand bed it will be fine.
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