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Oct 1, 2004
Kingston, Ontario
Hello again,

Well all is going well in my tank, Over the past 3 weeks I have added 3 turbo snails, 1 emerald crab, 1 blue devil damsel (female), 1 royal gramma into my 35 gallon with 40 lbs lr. All seem to be doing very well in their new habitat. My concern is with feeding levels. Until i got the royal gramma (a few days ago), I was simply feeding the damsel a little bit of flake food a day. Now I decided to try frozzen 'pellet' block food. I got a multipack to see what they like best. I am not sure how much I should be feeding them. Does anyone have rough suggestions? It also seems that the royal gramma is less agressive towards getting food than the smaller damsel. He doesn't come to the top of the tank much or even seem to notice the food. He eats when the food is about midlevel in the tank or he sees the damsel dragging a bunch of food down.

Any tips would be appreciated.
Canned answer but true. Feed only enough for them to eat it all in 3 min or so. The same rule applies to frozen as to flake. You'll be fine. As you add fish. you will learn how much to add. :wink:
in reference to the 3 minute rule, how often should i feed my fish? do i have to feed daily? or can i feed every other day?
Every other day will be fine. Even every three days, which is what I do. I think most people have a tendency to over-feed and this can lead to water quality issues.
I feed once daily. If you feed daily, you must be careful not to overfeed. I have a tang, and I want to keep it plump, due to issues tangs can have. :wink:
I feed daily. The poor guys go nuts if they miss a day. It often depends on the age of the fish also. The older one's do not need to feed as often.
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