Female Betta - Yes or No?

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Oct 8, 2019
I'm relatively new to owning an aquarium. Currently, I have a 10gal tank with 2 Pearl Gouramis, 3 Zebra Danios, 1 Peppered Cory, and some Ghost Shrimp.

I've been thinking about some new additions recently. Would adding a female Betta fish be okay? I'm not very informed on their compatibility.

Pearl gouramis are really not suited for a 10g tank. If you plan on keeping them I would say you are already stocked. Corys are a schooling fish so it won't be happy alone. I definitely would not recommend any beta with gouramis as they really don't get along.
Wow that tank is way overstocked. A pearl should be in a min of 20gal, they can get 4-5 inches in size. You cant add anything else to that tank and you should consider upgrading to something like a 30-50gal tank so you can also school the corys. Corys love being in groups.

Youll also have to be careful if you do upgrade to a larger tank and add any mid swimming fish as gouramis can be aggressive. For instance, every single one ive owed were nippers (including pearls). You can get lucky and have some nice ones but if they also go into breeding modes they will be territorial.

Zebras get 2 inches in length, so if you do the math youre looking at (2*3)+(2*4)+1.5= 15.5 inches of fish in a 10gal tank. Even the old false rule of 1 inch per gal doesnt work here.
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