Female Dwarf Flame Gourami building bubble nest?

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Apr 4, 2016
Kelowna, BC
I have 2 dwarf gourami - a neon blue male and a flame female. They've been in a 46 gallon bowfront heavily planted tank for about 6 days. The male started off being extremely aggressive and injured the female's side quite bad. I've treated her with epsom salts with great success. The male within a day had started building a bubble nest and the last 2 days has been enticing her to 'come on over' but instead she's built her own bubble nest at the opposite end of the tank. It's funny to watch them try and entice each other. I feed them high quality flakes, occasional micro blood worms and shrimp pellets. The female has definitely gotten thicker but isn't super fat. I did a 50% water change and upped the temp from 78c to 82c.
So my questions are: will they eventually spawn/lay eggs? Should I just leave the 2 bubble nests alone or get rid of the female's? How long does it take for the female to fill up with eggs? Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated. I love these labyrinth fish. They are so beautiful. And yes, the flame is a female. My lfs is very reliable and this female came into their store 4 weeks ago filled with eggs. Thank you


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