fighting green hair algae

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Jan 29, 2006
brick, new jersey
i have a ridiculous amount of green hair algae due to some neglect on my part and im ready to do something about it. i asked for advise at my numerous LFS's and i got many different opinions ranging from using phosphate controls, gradually switching to distilled water, and even the use of some short lived creature called a sea hair. However, they all agreed that i should physically remove all the algae along with their remedies.

So should I rip all the algae off first and risk it growing back while im in the process of removing the phospahates and switching to distilled water or should i begin removing the phosphates before making a mess in the tank by removing it by hand?

What would anybody suggest is the best phosphate remover to use while being cost effecient?

Would anybody suggest any other method to removing the algae and do you have any opinion about using the sea hairs or crabs for future control?
Have you tested your water for PO4 (phosphates)?
What are your other water parameters? Describe your tank set up,size, filtration, lighting, inhabitants, feeding schedule and foods fed, etc.

Reduce your lighting period to only a couple of hours a day or possibly go dark for a week.
Reduce feeding to once every 2-3 days.
Get a RO/DI filter and then use only RO/DI water for water changes.
Start with 10-20% changes every other day for a couple of weeks.
Get some Turbo grazer snails and place them on a rock covered with the hair algae.

It can be done but it takes time. I won my battle after changing my PC bulbs, getting some turbo grazers and a lawmower blenny, reduced my lighting period and reduced feedings. Others have done all of that and are still battling it a bit.
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