Filter acting up (noise)

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Jarred Darque

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Mar 24, 2006
ok, I have an aquaclear aquaclear 70 now I think, for 10-15 gallons or something.

when I first got it, it ran so quiet i didnt even know it was on. not, after a few months, some algae growth and sand getting caught on the pump and all...I cannot get it to quiten down at all.

I have cleaned it thouroughly, I have lubricated any mobing parts with vasoline, everything I can think of and it still makes a good bit of noise, and every few minutes it makes a really loud grinding noise as teh pump blade rubs against either the top or the bottom of the filter channel... :/

any ideas other than a new one?
Can't you buy parts for it, like a new impeller or something? Maybe try that before forking out the cash on a whole new filter. My Aquaclears have never done this, but one of my Emperors has been extremely loud for over a year now. I'm just going to ignore it until I can buy a canister for that tank.
sounds like if sand got down in the impeller housing its ruined the seat the impeller sits in allowing it to move around and clack agianst the filter housing, you can try a new impeller assembly and new O rings, your LFS should have them in stock
I had a noise problem and I changed the impeller and noise was gone in a couple of days, but down side is that everytime I turn off the filter I need to mess with the impeller so it kicks in rotation again.
ok thanks will look into this will prolly have to order online my LFS doesnt carry anyhting but marineland filters and overcharges on em. (About twice what I pay for my filteres at petsmart and petco)
all you need is an empiller and that cost a few bucks at petsmart or petco.
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