Fluval c4 hob filter noise

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May 12, 2021
illinois USA
I did a water change today and cleaned out the media on my fluval c4 hob filter when I put it back together and plugged it in it did nothing so I took it out and noticed the impeller had debris on it so I took the impeller out of the housing and cleaned it the best I could. It's now working and the filter is running but it is much noisier now than what it was any suggestions it's only about 4 5 months old. Everything is in place properly as far as I can tell and working properly just making alot more noise than previously. Pic attached is the exact filter I am using Screenshot_20221114_170111_Amazon%20Shopping.jpg
My Seachem Tidal Wave HOBs make a godawful racket if the water level drops a little.

My AquaClear HOBs won’t flow properly and makes more noise if I don’t level it by placing one of those Mr. Clean white sponges between it and the glass.

A few other HOBs failed completely and for one I had to buy a new impeller. For another I replaced the motor.
Is the lid vibrating on the filter case or is the noise coming from the motor/ impellor area?

If the lid is vibrating, it might just need to be pushed on a bit better, or use some tape to hold it down.

Were there any small plastic washers on either side of the impellor on the impellor shaft?
Some power filters/ power heads/ water pumps have small plastic washers on either end of the impellor and if these are missing, the pump won't work properly or will make more noise. Some brands of powerhead/ filter don't have them so check the manufacturer's instructions and see if your filter is meant to have them. The washers are tiny and can easily be lost or washed down a drain if you don't know they are there.
OK I'll have to look at it when I get home from work it's not the lid it was making the noise with the lid on and off I'll look at the impeller when I get home amd see if I can find anything wrong with it
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