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find a site that you dont think is reliable and then go to big als and see if their price is higher so u can price match to a reliable site, what size tank do you have?
right now i have a 15gal but wil be upgrading to a 40gal.

It is also planted with CO2 injection, so i'm trying to reduce surface distrubances.
Yes i do. I was aksing more about the brand then that paticular item.
I remember wanting to get this filter a few months ago until I found out that it was discontinued and that the manufacturer was no longer supporting it. That is why there are a lot of really cheap ones out there.

It is cheap enough that it is worth trying, but a bit of a risk if you have problems with it.
You also have to look at it this way. It is $40 for the filter but then another $40 for shipping so with that you could get a great name brand one from BigAlsOnline..
Personally I have had bad luck with "Jebo" products. I had tried some of their lighting and one failed 2 weeks into use. The seller on EBay as well wouldn't do anything "No warranty" he said.

I'm off using EBay for anything due to this type of bad experience. I would go with the last recommendation and purchase something either from Big Al's or locally if you need it faster. You will be happier with a quality product since the old adage definitely applies here.
Eh I gave up and sniped a Cascade which i read a bit about. We will see. Its plenty large for my tank and my future tank.
I currently run three of the Cascade canister filters. They are nice units and very flexible. :D
Awsome, thx, glad to see my impulse buying was in good taste atleast.
Did you also purchase ceramic rings? I wouldn't use the carbon that comes with it as it is not needed.

Also, instead of buying the filter floss (which can be very expensive) from Penn Plax, Wal-Mart sells batting that is safe for aquarium usage.
I did not purcase ceramic rings, I will proably them those at a local pet store.

I have approx 14oz of filter floss alredy which is safe for aquariums. I will use that.

The filter comes with material, but i'm sure its not the best stuff.
The filter will come with a sponge, filter floss, and carbon. I purchased an additional sponge for all of our canisters and used ceramic rings in place of carbon.
I will deffinatly take out the carbon as i will be using it on a planted tank and i have no issues with smell or medications, as for the rings, i'll get them at the LFS. We will see, should be here somtimes this week.
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