Filter for 20 gal

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Nov 27, 2006
What filter do you folks suggest for a 20 gal long? I have been using the one that came with my tank for the past six months, but I don't like how its been acting. I have a pleco with 4 bleeding hearts and a snail.

I tried to do a search but could'nt find much.

I prefer to "overdo" it when it comes to filtration.
If cost isn't an issue I suggest an eheim canister.
I use 2215's on my tanks.
They are rated for up to 92 gallons and run around 100 bucks.
Or you could go with a HOB.......I like aquaclear in that category.
But I still recomend overkill :)
I'm looking at a Rena XP1 or 2 for a new 30 gl I'm setting up. In checking their website, it seems the number of trays is the only difference. The XP2 is actually a few bucks cheaper on Amazon that the 1. Is a different tray required for each media type? Is there an application where the XP1 would be better than the 2?
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