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:?: Hi everyone
I am confused ,I went to a fish place this weekend and this place is nice ,long story short these guys are experts, they have the normal everyday fish we all see and have like tangs or puffers and ect the size of my poodle, I could not believe it
Anyway I was talking to the guy and filters came up, I told him I use external filters with the bio wheels and he advised me I should not be using filters with carbon in them as the carbon takes out the trace elements that the fish need
I was never told this by my local store that knows what I have and sells me replacment filters plus I've had my tank set up for about a year and fish have trippled there size ,am I wrong to be using carbon filters?
The part about the carbon removing trace elements is correct. If you do regular water changes this is less of an issue than if you where of the mindset to not do water changes on a regular and frequent basis. Carbon will also if not changed regularly start to leach elements back into the water.

The reason you was never told this by the other store is fairly clear in my mind. They will gladlysell you replacment filter cartrages.
I have a 125 gal tank, aprx 100 lbs of live rock, all fish tank, I do a 10 gal a week water change as it is easy that way vs end of month doing a 25% change
I'm still using carbon filter ,I would think I should be ok then
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