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May 24, 2007
I am trying to set up a new tank and think I have excess filtration on my current 75. What filters will be enough on the 75. I have a xp2, a penguin 400, an aquaclear 300, and a penguin 250. If I keep the xp2 on the 75 which filters should I keep on there. The tank is stocked well with the following list.

1 chocolate pleco
5 shortfinned rosy red barbs
5 longfinned rosy red barbs
4 tiger barbs
4 silverdollars
2 gouramis 1 gold, 1 platinum
1 pictus catfish
1 albino rainbow shark
4 giant danios
I'm a fan of the Aquaclears and not a big fan of the Penguins so i'd keep the AC300. But if the filters are going to another tank, maybe move the AC and one of the Penguins since you've got the good (but slightly small for a 75) XP2 on the 75.
so i should keep the xp2 and the aquaclear on the 75 for optimal filtration on the 75? Will that be sufficient filtration?
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