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Mar 8, 2006

I've just found this forum and am very impressed and excited with the wealth of information found here and was hoping for some help regarding filtration and sumps.

I am planning on starting a 100 or 120 gallon fish only tank with live rock and sand and will definintely be including a Trigger so I will be needing top notch filtration due to their messy eating habits. I know that a protein skimmer is essential but I always planned on using a canister filter until I started reading about the drawbacks here on this forum. I have, however, been reading great things about sumps here. Sadly, I don't know a whole lot about this method and none of my books seem to touch on the subject.

So my questions are... What about a store bought sump as I don't think I'd want to attempt making one myself? Do any modifications have to be made to the main tank or is it just hoses, tubes, and such? What exactly are people refering to when they talk about overflows?

I'd appreciate any information, ideas, or thoughts anyone has and I Thank you in advance.
Since you're in the planning stages, I would highly recommend going with a drilled tank which will make your life much easier :)

All-Glass Aquariums makes a 120 gallon Megaflow model that looks really nice. I just set up a 90 gallon Megaflow and it couldn't have been easier. I used a premade acrylic sump and added a 10 gallon refugium to it. I also used the overflow kit made for the megaflow which takes care of all your plumbing inside the tank. Just some very simple PVC plumbing is all that's required. I'd be happy to help out with it once you have a better idea of how you plan to go with it. Just let me know.
Welcome to AA!!

If you haven't bought your tank yet, I agree with coldfish. get a pre-drilled tank.
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