finish 75gal stocking

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Jan 3, 2008
So I finished my upgrade from a 55 to a 75. :D Everybody is back in the tank, I finally mastered the art of the sump, and it looks a little bare. I only have about 50lbs of live rock, but I'm also lacking fish. So far I have two ocellaris clowns, one sixline, one lawnmower blenny, and a banggai cardinal. I'd like to get more banggais, make it a group of 4 or 5. But it seems whenever I get them they only last a few days. I'd also like a royal gramma, but the past two I've gotten have been infested with flukes. My mother wants a tang really badly. But I think a 75 is too small for any tang? :ermm: Does anyone have an opinion on expanding my stocklist?
What about a scopas or a sailfin? (not both of course) My mom really like those two options.
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