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J Tiempo

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Jan 16, 2014
After lurking these forums and the Articles Section for a several months, I thought I'd finally sign up.

I've recently set up my first Aquarium, a 20 Gallon Long about 2 months in:


Not in love with my design right now. I wanted sand for the corys but still wanted some decent medium for the plants. The left is a sword and crypts mostly. The Green ones are coming in nicely but the darker mid-range ones (hard to see) are large but are growing radially instead of up. The rest are most anubias and some DHG that the mollys tear up daily. *sigh* . I've got some green hair algae that came with some plants i bought..not so much because of my tank chemistry. It doesn't seem to be expanding but im a bit worried about it, the mollies dont go for it much.

Current Stock:
3 Balloon Mollies (Female)
1 Dalmation Molly
3 False Bandit Corys
1 African Dwarf Frog

Also about 20 of these little baby Mollies:

So I need some advice cause I'm a bit worried about my fishies.

The mollies are insatiable pigs! Always begging and eating anything that gets put in the tank. I am a bit worried about the corys getting enough food (I just added them last week).. Any feeding method suggestions?

My other concern is all these baby mollies! I read that 3F to 1M is a good ratio to keep as the wont breed, but my little dalmation is a horn dog!! He constantly is humping all the girls. 2 Have birthed already and I am pretty sure the third is also preggos!

Here he is strutting his stuff and showing off to the girls:

The male hates one of the ladies and always chases her off (but still knocked her up..). Im thinking I may have to move him?

Anyways, this site has been very helpful to me so thank you to those that have contributed to it. Hoping someday I'll know enough to do the same.


J Tiempo
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